Luminescent Cosmetics

Be Ethereal



Q: Is this gluten/phthalate/sulfate/SILICONE/preservative free?

A: Yes! All Luminescent Cosmetics soaps, bars, creams, butters, and serums are free of sulfates, silicone, gluten, and phthalate. Preservatives used are derived from natural sources like Beets.

Q: Are the Fragrances natural?

A: Yes, we use Essential and extract oils as fragrances, and only from reputable sources.

Q: Are the products animal tested?

A: Not at all! Luminescent Cosmetic products are tested on myself and samplers, no animals in sight, and it will stay that way until the end of time.

Q: Are the products glycerin free?

A: Yes, when a recipe calls for a stabilizing or hydrating agent, we use Honeyquat as an alternative to Glycerin.