Luminescent Cosmetics

Be Ethereal


Luminescent Cosmetics has been a brainchild of Tabby Clancy for several years now. From a Bi-racial background, she knows the need to have products that cater to things simply rather than being chock full of additives and ingredients that might be more detrimental than useful.

After her graduation from Cosmetology School, she started to research the simplest ways to nourish the skin and hair, coming to the conclusion that the scalp should be treated similarly to one’s face. Exfoliate, Tone, Hydrate, and Seal. It took several years to find the right additives for her and her husband's skin, to start creating formulas to treat dishydrosis and eczema, while also retaining a glowing, youthful complexion.

While working with other biracial clients, and clients with chronic health disorders, Tabby realized she needed to tweak formulas, still only on paper, even further. Gone was Glycerin, no need for color additives like Titanium Dioxide or Iron Oxides which are known to help cause cancer. She endeavors to keep her products simple, with an easy to read ingredients list and the uses of those ingredients for your skin and hair health.